Taking accurate measurements are very important to a well fitting garment. The measurement form shows the 11 specific measurements needed to make a corset pattern for you.

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1. Upper Bust – Measure around your back and upper bust right at your underarms.

2. Full Bust – This is your full bust and back. Measure across the nipple line.

3. Under Bust – Measure right below your bust. On women this is at the bottom edge of your bra. On men, this is just below the pectoral muscle.

4. Waist – Measure your natural waist line. This is not necessarily where your pants or skirts sit. Place a belt snugly around your waist for the rest of the measurements. The bottom edge of the belt is the baseline of all vertical measurements.

5. Upper Hip – Measure the circumference around the first fullness under the waist. This is usually around the top of the hip bone.

6. Full Hip – This measurement is the fullest part of the hips, it is fairly low down.

7. Waist to Under Bust – While standing straight this measurement is from your waist to your underbust.

8. Waist to Full Bust - While standing straight this measurement is from your waist to nipple line.

9. Waist to Upper Bust – This measurement is from waist to your upper bust. This is important for complete overbust styles.

10. Waist to Upper Hip – Measure from waist to your upperhip mark.

11. Waist to Full Hip – Measure from waist to your full hip mark.

Click here to download the measurement form in PDF.
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